Stewart's Yorkies


The sale of one of our puppies doesn't end when the puppy leaves our home.    We like to get updates about the puppies as well as help with any questions buyers may have after they get their puppy home. 




Barb is a great breed who really cares for her dogs and their puppies. From the first e-mail to after we picked up Bandit, we had nothing but the best experience. Barb always made herself available, and was very knowledgeable when it came to answering our questions. She feeds her puppies a high quality puppy food and her puppies were very healthy. We have kept in touch with her since we picked up Bandit, we feel like she is part of our family. We enjoy sharing picture to watch Bandit grow up. We couldn't Love Bandit more and are lucky we found her. Thank You Barb!

Marian, October 2009 



Hi Barb,  Just thought I would send you the picture of LILY in her diva pink hoodie.  It takes me longer to put it on her than it does for her to get out of it.  Still a little too big for her but in a week or so it will be fine.  She had her check up and shots this week.  I can't believe how she has grown in 10 days. She weighed 2.6 lbs.  I love her she is a sweet heart.  Thanks for her.

Sandi, January 2010






Thank you for giving us such a precious gift!!!  I never realized how fulfilling this puppy has made our lives.  We have been to the vet twice now (for puppy shots) and with each visit he has commented on "How good the breeder was" because she is so healthy .  For that, I thank YOU.  Our Abby is so smart and is a bundle of energy (mostly at night - just before bed).  She is so loving and entertaining.  All of a sudden our free lance lives of not meeting a time clock revolves solely around this little puppy.  She has been a blessing......THANK YOU!!!!

Joy, January 2010

I got my first Yorkie from Barb in January of 2010.  This was my first experience with a puppy and a breeder.  I didn't know what to expect, and at first I was a little anxious and had a lot of questions.  Barb went above and beyond the norm to answer my numerous emails and to talk to me on the phone to answer my questions.  She was very helpful.  It is easy to see that she cares for these puppies as if they were her own.  Our Yorkie came well socialized, healthy (with vet records), AKC registrable, chipped and more!  He even had a toy!  I cannot stress how thankful I am to Barb.  She is a wonderful breeder.  I would recommend her to a friend and will be using her in the future!  Thanks Barb!!
 Erica, February 2010




Hi.  This is Amanda who bought your last little Yorkie.  His name is Ubu.  He is the sweetest and best puppy I have ever had.  He is doing really good.  He is still working on potty training but is getting better.  He loves following me around and doesn't go very far when we are outside.  He is great with everyone we meet.  He is awesome with the kids.  He is just the best little dog ever.  Thank you for all your advice and taking time to go over things with us.  I really appreciate it.  I am hoping soon to take him to get his first haircut.
Amanda, September 2010


Lucy is my puppy. She is such a follower. She follows me wherever I go. She is so friendly and playful.
Kristen, January 2011

I just wanted to share some pictures of Ubu since he will be turning one here in April. He is doing so good and he is the greatest. I am really glad I found him on the internet and decided to take a look. Thank you. Hope you enjoy seeing the pics of Ubu all grown up. 
Amanda, March 2011